The Importance Of Active Teaching And Learning

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What does ACTIVE teaching and learning mean to you?

• Active teaching and learning means that the students are actively participating in the learning process. The students are actively engage with the material, participating in the class, and collaborating with other students and the teacher to make meaning of the material being taught. Therefore, I plan to use active teaching in my classroom in which students can construct their own meaning of the material through investigation, inquiry, activities, and class discussions.

What might ACTIVE teaching and learning look like within an elementary classroom?

• Active teaching and learning in the elementary classroom would entail students learning through hands on activities. Many students learn best through practicing the skill rather than reading or listening about it. Therefore, I will incorporate as many hands on activities to get students to become active participants in learning. An Inquiry Experience would be a great activity seen in the elementary classroom in which the students are actively learning. One may also see students actively learning through activity such as See Think Wonder, or Photo Analysis to analyze historical photos from the event being studied. The students may even do a picture walk, or visual the story with a picture book that connects with the material being taught. There are many activities that one may see in the elementary classroom that involves active teaching and learning.

What aspects…
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