The Importance Of Adapting To A Patient's Life

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I have never had patience for no one. I don't care about anyone but myself at most of the time even though I have cared for people but know I just realized that I have to care about myself first before anyone else. I'm going to tell you about someone that has way better patients than I do.Also how over time it was leaving and how she lives now. She has the hardest life that I have ever known throughout my life and i'm a horrible person for leaving her at the time of need.

First of all, she was so patient that she wouldn't hurry people up and she would wait at times when she needed to hurry. She always found it disrespectful when hurrying someone. She respects people even though they don't respect her. She was the most important person to me; she showed when to act when I needed to act and when to hold myself when the time wasn't right.
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She was the most patient person I knew. From that day she was pushed and she had enough with people and she wasn't going to take no bullshit from people. That' when she started loosing all her patience with everyone and she wanted things now or never.

On a rapidly change, she started being rude to people and she would make remarks that shouldn't be said anyone. She became blunt. Then when she found out that she was losing her eyesight she became a mean person. She wasn't the person she use to be and it was getting to the point that I couldn't handle her and I felt like I had to take care of her all the time. That was the point when I left her in tears and with
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