The Importance Of Advertising

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These days advertising is EVERYWHERE! No matter where you live in the world, whether it is America or a rural city in the Middle East we all encounter advertising. Advertising in the twenty-first century has taken on so many forms such as newspaper, radio, television, billboard, and social media just to name a few. This large array of outlets for advertising has caused the average consumer to be bombarded with products, but it has also made it much easier for companies to gain potential consumers.
Before moving any further let's define advertising. Advertising is the activity and/or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services. So in simpler terms, it is a communication tool used by companies to entice potential buyers into purchasing their products or services. Advertising plays a vital role in the financial objective of most, if not all, companies. Advertising is also vital in the cutting down the competition. Companies devise ways to make advertising more effective while also making their product seem greater than the other guys. Although advertising is an effective tool for business, as well as also becoming a fast-growing industry, the public view of advertising is still not so favorable for some companies.
Many companies advertisements over the years have been criticized for providing its consumers with misleading information, promoting negative values, making false claims about their products, and displaying subliminally seductive
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