The Importance Of Affinity : Direction And Purpose

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Affinity: Direction and Purpose
Affinities – the frequency of their occurrence is often inversely proportional to the quality of their content. My childhood was marked by one in particular: reading. Ever since I first discovered the rare ability of books to transport me to places of adventure, mystery, and delight when I was five, it was virtually impossible to peel me away from the pages of my latest friend. My head was constantly filled with the adventures of d’Artagnan and Sherlock Holmes, the trials of Jane Eyre, and the doings of many other characters. Until I began seventh-grade, my sun rose and set between the covers of a book – then, something happened. I discovered a new affinity: science. Before then, science had been anathema to me, in plain words – I loathed it. But when I started to read my seventh grade general science textbook, the words came alive – and like a novel – a new world unfolded and gripped my imagination. My fascination with science in general continued for about three years when it suddenly sharpened and gained intense focus with the advent of my chemistry textbook. From the moment I opened the book and smelled the unique aroma of the pages and saw the first diagrams of atoms until the final, triumphant moment when I read the last paragraph, I became more and more fascinated with the topic. The idea of minute bonds and empty space making up the matter surrounding me intrigued me. From that year on, I knew that I wanted to know as much as I could…
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