The Importance Of Affirmative Action In The College System

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Affirmative Action in the college system needs to be continued for numerous reasons—but there also must be other factors to add and adjust to make an even better diversity for students. Choosing to take in students will nevertheless enhance the learning experience, just as Finkleman has said. “If we believe we learn from our students, and that our students learn from each other, then the importance of minority students in the class is obvious. A diversity of views leads to a better discussion and greater understanding among the students.” Many Americans can learn more and appreciate the different cultures where minorities and even whites come from. Understanding and stretching thinking are the key to greater understanding.
The cause for questioning Affirmative Action seems to be the fact that many think it is a free pass to get into
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As stated “I want to address the most important category of preference in private education-the ‘legacy preference.’ I have no problem with this, as it builds institutional loyalty for private schools. But, it does mean that those who were disadvantaged in the past remain disadvantaged in the future. I do not know if public institutions do this as well, but if they do, then it is even a greater disadvantage to cut out of the admissions process because of race or ethnicity” (Finkleman). It is no different than legacy programs, just because it is for minorities and that is the reason it is causing a discussion. Students who would not normally succeed are given an advantage. Colleges need to take into account with Affirmative Action some grades and quotas. This will help add variety and maintain the fact, so, others can fit in. Affirmative Action isn’t only just helping young people succeed, it also helps them break the cycle of never being able to go to
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