The Importance Of Affirmative Action

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With the constant movement towards equality and diversity in colleges across the United States, issues relating to affirmative action laws and racial discrimination have become major factors in college acceptances. While it is argued that affirmative action breaks down racial barriers and ensures more diversity amongst student bodies, these laws make some minorities feel like they cannot succeed without a regulation, add tension to a society defined by skin color, and may serve as discrimination towards non-minorities. Affirmative action laws in college admissions should be eliminated to bring forth more equality for applicants.

Affirmative action was created to enable equality in education as well as to help represent minorities and ensure a more diverse group of individuals on campus. From an educational aspect, it was brought about with the intention of breaking down racial barriers and guaranteeing diversity amongst the student population throughout various colleges. Once affirmative action programs were first put in place in the 1960s, “some colleges began to actively recruit African-American students” (“Affirmative action”). Supporters argue that the policy of affirmative action brings hope into the lives of many individuals. Without the access to a source like this, they argue, individuals might be deprived of their future. The policy allows students of a minority to avoid going unnoticed throughout the education system. When certain states banned the policies, “the gap between the proportion of minority representation on. . .
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The population between minorities and non-minorities is altered depending upon the implementation or elimination of affirmative action. Continuing on with affirmative action could have a reverse effect on races not included in the policy, causing non-minorities to be put into the place of minorities prior to its
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