The Importance Of An After Action Report And Improvement Plan ( Aar / Ip ) Essay

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The purpose of an After Action Report and Improvement Plan (AAR/IP) is to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of certain events. These reports help breakdown incidents and to check processes that have either worked as planned or processes that need improvement. The reports can also be stored for future use in order for people to use them as past lessons learned. This AAR will give a summary of events, strengths and weaknesses, recommendations, and finally finished off with an IP that addresses the recommendations.
Summary of Events On a cold day in October, at or around the time of 11:30am, witnesses described watching a tanker truck roll over on its side and start to leak a liquid, presumably gasoline. One witness immediately called for emergency assistance. Within 10 minutes, the fire department arrived on scene with the Battalion Chief (BC) in charge of the situation. The BC notified the command center and requested the police department and extra response from the fire department; along with the State Department of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The police department arrived at the time of 11:55am and started establishing a perimeter. As the police were securing the perimeter, the BC noticed that a massive amount of gasoline was still continuously flowing from the truck and it was starting to flow into the storm drains. At 12:10pm a command post was established within the perimeter. A ranking police officer suggested that a unified command be
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