The Importance Of An Alternative Work Schedule

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Introduction Since the industrial revolution the United States economy has moved from manufacturing to servicing to capitalizing and is still in a constant change for the better. This change in also evident in the mindset and priorities of the workforce as there is a constant shift in their goals and achievements. In the past, money was usually the top priority and most important factor for the workforce, however personal satisfaction plays a larger role for younger entrants into the workforce (Rose 28). This is because employees want to feel a greater sense of accomplishment in their daily work life and to be recognized for their contributions. Monetary rewards do not play as big as a role as they used to in the past. To address this…show more content…
Moreover people are working less than eight hours and day and 40 hours a week because of down time (Mahoney 31). As we move further into the technological age the need for an alternative work schedule is greater and more easily achieved. There are many options for alternative work schedules but the most common proposals for a change in work schedules are the compressed work week and the flex-time schedules (Mahoney 31). A compressed work week is a four-day/40 hours work week; there is also the option of a four-day/32 hours work week however this is less common due to the problem of reduced salary. A flex-time schedule maintains the 40-hour work week and at times the eight-hour workday but allows the employee the flexibility of arranging their own working hours during the day (Henderson 127). As the shift to the alternative work schedule becomes more and more obvious starting with telecommuting which is also known as working from home, we see more and more organizations implement flexible work schedules and arrangements to appeal to the greater work force (Hayman 76). The advantages of this arrangement are plenty but it also raises concerns regarding the income and productivity of the organization. Advantages and Concerns of Alternative Work Schedules The alternative work arrangements raises the question of productivity as employees work one less day a week and with four work days a week it would be natural if output per
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