The Importance Of An Effective Communication At A Good Management Organization

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Introduction: workforce engagement is an organization commitment which involves a set of beliefs to enhancing workforce performance and particular activities to achieve a common goal ( Hundley & Jacobs & Drizin, P8 2007). Ruyle, Erichinger & De Meuse indicated that there are 11 factors can influence Workforce engagement, including: strategic alignment, trust in senior leadership, immediate mangier working relationship, peer culture, personal influence, nature of my career, career support, nature of the job, development opportunities, employee recognition and pay fairness. One of the factor immediate mangier working relationship, plays a major role of affecting employee engagement. Within a good management, organization is necessary to be able to set up a good relationship and have clearly communication to informing employees of what is required and organization expectation. In an organization, information sharing and explicit directions by using good communication skills can improve the performance efficiency and By fully communication and engagement to reinforce both individual staff capacity and the organization performance can be a win-win situation. However how to create an effective communication can be a subject to learn. In an organization, a group of People working together to contribute their efforts to achieve a common goal. People have different culture background, misunderstanding cause by the culture conflicts can be a disaster (Kutz, 2013). business cannot
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