The Importance Of An Inclusive Practice For Early Childhood Centers

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An inclusive practice is an important aspect to early childhood centers but can often be hard to achieve due to factors such as funding and limited resources. As well determining how inclusive a center is and how to best support challenges center face in becoming more inclusive can be difficult. Through the use of tools like the SpeciaLink Early Childhood: Inclusion Quality Scale early childhood educators can systematically and careful rate their inclusion levels and build plans to address concerns or areas for improvement. After completing the SpeciaLink Early Childhood: Inclusion Quality Scale in collaboration with an early childhood education center, strengths and areas for improvement became evident. Table 1 shows the centers strong…show more content…
An increase in professional development opportunities was suggested for this centre as the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for the College of Early Childhood Educations requires educators to be current in their professional knowledge regarding child development and pedagogy (CECE, 2011). Well, we believe that having each staff member attend at least one professional development conference a year is a goal the center should strive for over the next few years, we understand that due to funding this goal may not be attainable within a year. Therefore, we developed an in-house professional development program. This program increases the availability of professional development opportunities by providing monthly in-house professional development workshops. These workshops will be achieved through the educator’s reflecting and collaboratively choosing topics or areas of interest. Each educator will select one of these topics to research and present to the other educators. This professional development program is supported by research that suggests educators should attend frequent opportunities to increase their knowledge of inclusion (Halfon & Friendly, 2013). In addition, Bennett and Wynne (2006) note that it is through continual professional development that educators are gain the knowledge and skills
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