The Importance Of An Intensive Care Nurse

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For a child or adult to need critical care, it means they are in an unstable condition, often unconscious, with erratic vital signs that need close monitoring ( It takes a special kind of nurse to come into work every day and care for these people while bearing the great pressure that comes with not knowing if they will survive until the next day or not, despite even the best efforts. A kind of nurse that is extensively trained to make sure that they have the advanced skills necessary to deal with any vital changes or perform tasks such as attending to serious wounds, monitoring life support, or documenting interactions and medications. Someone with resilience, dedication, a quick-mind and excellent communication skills.…show more content…
(American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, 2017). Once you 're in its time to join professional organizations, the one for critical care is the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. Majority of intensive care nurses practice in hospitals with intensive care units or hospitals that are high-level trauma centers. The ones not in a hospital work as transport nurses who go with patients in critical condition to more well-equipped medical facilities. If working on a unit, there are many different paths to go down in terms of specialization. One could work in a pediatric, cardiac, neonatal, neurology, surgery or a burn unit (Cottrell & Kendall, 2010). No matter what unit someone chooses to work on, the duties and responsibilities stay relatively the same. Common duties include managing & advocating for your patient, closely monitoring their condition, and performing doctors orders. For example, an ICU patient may receive vital checks several times in an hour compared to a regular patient receiving vital checks once every couple of hours. This level of monitoring requires a detail-oriented nurse who can simultaneously stay calm when there is a vital change, good or bad, and adjust accordingly. The key responsibility of an intensive care nurse is communication. Without communication there 's no way to really know if a new treatment is working, how the patient feels or if they understand
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