The Importance Of An Outbreak In San Diego

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It’s amazing and scary at the same time not realizing everything that is going on in the world around us. The outbreak in San Diego is something that I probably would have never known happened if it wasn’t for you reading the article. Hep A is something that one can recover from although without treatment it can cause acute liver failure and this could lead to death in some. The biggest spreader is dirty hands, as we all know, and the city trying to make sure that everyone washes their hands is a start. After the outbreak the city did immunize almost 20,000 people and they are offering free immunizations to everyone. The city is also working with the county to install more handwashing stations across the city. With there being almost 400 people hospitalized and 16 deaths, I am sure this outbreak has affected everyone in the area. References…show more content…
(2017, September 17). San Diego Combats Hepatitis Outbreak by Adding Bathrooms With 24hr Security. Retrieved from
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