The Importance Of An Undergraduate Business Management Student

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In the ever-changing business world, a key component to the productivity within the workplace is communication. As an undergraduate business management student, an important part of communication is understanding the difference between maintaining the façade of an authoritative figure or maintaining a friendly relationship with employees and how it would affect the attitudes, behaviors, productivity and quality of work. In order create a successful workplace environment, finding and establishing a middle ground between being an authoritative figure and having a friendly relationship. To successfully reach the goal of being both partially authoritative and partially friendly and caring, all forms of communication should be understood to determine the most effective way for managers to communicate. From the perspective of an individual that will likely fill a management position one day, finding a specific communication style is necessary to fulfilling the position in which employees are able to confidently follow a manager’s lead and be respectful of the authority that has been given to a particular individual but also make sure that there is a relationship that is on the level of a manager and employee being able to peacefully coexist as coworkers. The goal of managers is to essentially monitor the attitudes and behaviors of employees and modify strategic strategies to improve the performance and how efficient employees are on a day to day, yearly or quarterly basis.
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