The Importance Of Animal Care For Farm Animals

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The care for farm animals have become less significant to society as they are seen as just living beings. The primary issue here is not that farm animals are complicated to work with but they are not well taken care of by the livestock workers. There is a rough care for farm animals because the requirement level of education for farm workers or agricultural managers are high school diploma or equivalent with no job training and five plus years of experience. With insufficient amount of training and poor decision makings, a livestock worker will not be able to ethically comprehend animal needs without harming them. This leads to the point of this paper, animal livestock workers should be specifically trained in order to maintain, understand and improve farm animal care. The major cause of animal cruelty and lack of care is not by animals themselves but by the absence of implementing effective training and practices. In addition, this paper will focus on better ways of how to properly handle animals, value animal equality, receive proper training, explaining basic education does not prepare one to work with animals, and ways of how improvement can be done. First, livestock workers are performing animal abusement due to the lack of proper training. For the past years, many videos were released about unethical abusement on farming animals and animal liberation. Not only does the video disturb audience who are advocates for animal but anger towards livestock workers performing

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