The Importance Of Animal Testing In Scientific Research Experiment

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Humans are animals. In a behavioral and emotional aspect, these two species share the same characteristics. But, what makes humans differ from the rest of the animal kingdom is the ability to think critically, morally and act rationally. As time goes on, humans are becoming more intelligent than before. Because of their curiosity, during the ancient greeks humans began to conduct experiments on animals so that they can learn more about their body and other species. Even till nowadays, there’s scientific research that involves animals. However, are these research still necessary for the advancement of science for human beings? Should animal experimentation still be allowed in scientific studies? My stand on this debatable topic is no. Animal experimentation should not be allowed because it is inapplicable, inhumane, and there’s better alternative.
The definition of animal experimentation is about scientists manipulating variables to observe behavioral or biological changes on nonhuman animals in order to conclude an outcome that can possibly help the advancement of knowledge for human beings which is known as animal testing. Nowadays, almost every product such as cosmetics products, household cleaning products and medication etc. that we use in daily life has been tested on animals before being introduced into the market. Without a doubt, we as humans did learn a lots of information about other species and our own through animal testing. However, according to Noah Berlatsky,
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