The Importance Of Animal Testing

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It seems like the use of animals as test subjects can be viewed as helpful but immoral. The belief behind this, which is still debatable, is that animals help prosper information to scientists. While critics challenge the idea animal testing is moral, other thoughts include the importance of animals’ lives used as subjects are valuable and should not be overshadowed by humans’ mindsets that animals are inferior.
Throughout the United States, animal testing has been allowed since 1922. According to Dr. Francis Collins, director of National Institutes of Health, there has been an approximate of more than 100 million animals tested on per year (Collins). Animal testing is important to scientists who create medicine because it has been proven that animals can be helpful for medical experimentations since there are many similarities between humans and animals (Collins). Within using animals as testing experiments, there are many benefits for the reason behind this; it has been proven that animal testing helps further humans’ knowledge about medicine and helps test reactions from the medicine that was created. However, behind the logical thinking of using animals as test subjects, there are also consequences for allowing this. The consequences may not impact humans directly because the animals that are being used as experiments are being taken away from their homes and removed from their families in order to suffer and soon die. National Institutes of Health states, “ ...more
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