The Importance Of Application For A Job

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Who knew that applying for a job could arguably give me more experience then the job itself, that a simple resume made me think about who I was and how much I had accomplished. For a entry level job how important could it be anyway? Depends on how one wants to look at it, On one hand I got a job without them even looking at it, while I still felt proud of what I had created nonetheless.
Everyone is nervous when applying for any job regardless of what it is. Standing at the door, trembling as thoughts of instant rejection passed through my mind. Face clean shaven and some brand new khakis, I looked like I was going to a wedding more so than a job interview. As I entered the building the smell of fruits and sweets sent my mind spinning.
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I quickly went into revising the faulted resume. The rewrite caused me to think even deeper than I had prior. More than just what I could do and have done but what I couldn't do and failed to do. Putting everything on there didn't seem to be a very good way to get a decent job. Even if I didn't write it down for fear of my cons outweighing my pros, I had still given it deep thought. Through writing I discovered parts of myself I had never truly given any thought towards. The feeling can only be compared to looking at a image you have seen hundreds of times yet there are parts that you still never noticed before. With certainty I can guarantee I didn't cover anything due to the complexity of humans. Even if I didn't include everything I still overwrote, the suggested amount. Even with living a pretty normal life up to this point, It was difficult to try and compress who I was as a person into a few quick notes. After careful planning I threw together something I thought would more than suffice for what I needed it to.
I hadn't found a place yet that was hiring or that I desired to work at. Just in case however I left my resume hidden in the glove compartment had I needed it on spot. After searching with no sign of a job anytime soon, I stopped at a sandwich restaurant that my friend worked at. As he made my sandwich I mentioned my inability to find a place that was hiring. Oddly enough the manager was working that day and had heard my complaints. With a glimmer of

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