The Importance Of Applying A Heritage Assessment Tool

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In the Unites States of America there are currently 42.4 million immigrants making a permanent residence ("Migration Policy Institute |," 2016). It is extremely important to become a culturally competent nurse to provide the best care and build solid relationships with all cultural backgrounds. In preparation for this paper I interviewed three people from different cultural backgrounds including Albania, New Zealand, and one like myself, who is Spaniard. I will discuss the usefulness of applying a heritage assessment tool when evaluating the needs of the whole person, compare the differences and offer insight in health maintenance, health protection, and health restoration among the cultures, and identify common health…show more content…
As a child she attended a private school and lived in a rural area very close to family and extended family, allowing them to visit each other on a weekly basis. She grew up in a Christian household where she attended church every week and explained to me that religion has since taken a back seat while dealing with being a fulltime working mother and attending school. She does however read her bible at home before going to bed. She mentioned that in her culture illness was thought to be from an imbalance and health was restored by practicing traditional rituals that focused on the ancient gods in her culture. She mentioned that the islander population of New Zealand is considered to have a high mortality rate because of cardiovascular diseases but they are improving outcomes with better health awareness.
Enida, an Albanian who migrated to the United States at the age of 11, is currently married and has two children with a Latino-American. She lived with her parents and sister, all Albanian natives until she was married, which is a standard practice in her culture. She grew up in the capital city of Tirana with both parents, her sister, and her grandparents. Enida attended a public school but it wasn’t until she arrived in America that she learned English. She regularly returns home to visit her family and communicates with them on a daily basis in her native Albanian language. Back home in Albania they don’t
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