The Importance Of Army Uniform Standards

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Army Uniform Standards
The presentation and appearance of the army military uniform are fundamental parts of each armed force unit. It can distinguish the responsibilities and jobs of the soldiers, teach self-discipline, show honor and achievements, however, uniforms acquire close attention in details. The uniforms have standards that must abide to the regulations. The uniform of the American army have gone through many transformations from the revolutionary war to present times. Today, some of the uniforms include Class A and Class B Army Blues, Army Greens, and ACUs, each of them attaining their own standards to follow.
Army Blue The Army Blue Class A contains unit crest, a wool gray beret, black necktie/ neck tab, army gray shirt,
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Black oxford shoes are permitted to be worn for males. The females may wear black oxford shoes or black service pumps. However, the pumps will be plain, with closed toe and heel. The heel will be between ½ inch and 3 inches high.
The beret is a one piece gray knitted wool shell, bound with leather anda draw ord through the binding which is mandatory for all cadets to wear. The beret has a gold trim black center flash sewn onto the badge stay. Items that are authorized for wear on the flash are Cadet Officer Rank and the JROTC cap insignia with wreath. Officer Rank are centered horizontally on the flash. The JROTC cap insignia will be worn by enlisted cadets. It is a wreath 1 3/16 inches in height containing the letters ROTC on a panel inside the wreath, with gold color metal. All cadets are authorized to wear the army gray shirt, a black necktie for male or a neck tab for females. There will be no shoulder patch on the ASU coat, nor will there be piping sewn onto the coat.
JROTC INSIGNIA In the JROTC program, enlisted females shall place the JROTC insignia centered on both lapels of the ASU coat, parallel to the inside edge of each lapel; ⅝ inch above the notch, in contrast to the enlisted male’s insignia, which will be one inch above the notch. However, if they are male cadet officers, they will place the insignia ⅝ inch above the notch on both collars, with the centerline of the insignia bisecting the notch and
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