The Importance Of Art And Its Impact On Society

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Throughout history, one of the most expressive mediums through which humans can convey their thoughts is via art. Whether it is through sculpture, painting, or a print, an artist is capable of making a political statement or endorsing an idea simply by subtly alluding to it in their work. Alternatively, an artist can be forthright with their ideals as would have been the case for people such as the Dadaists. In any case, artists are able to support a lot more than just beauty in their work, and a pretty sky or a scantily clad woman on a canvas does not always directly reflect what the artist is truly saying. Unsurprisingly, it did not take long for those in power to realize the significance of art, and so for as long as art has been around, those in power have wanted its endorsement. The Spanish Royal Family wanted Diego Velazquez to flatter them, and noblemen such as Philip the Good wanted Jan Van Eyck for a court painter (Philip). Wanting a painter to help with your public image is one thing, but many other entities throughout history have seen art as a threat rather than a blessing. Groups such as the Nazi Regime in Europe and the Communist Party of China during their cultural revolution are both perfect examples of entities that took it upon themselves to either restrict or destroy art based on what they viewed as acceptable, effectively limiting societal advancement in the process. The first and perhaps most well-known example of the interference of a political power…

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