The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence

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With any major advancement in technology, we must prepare for change. The world changed when cellular phones were introduced, as people became more connected to one another through instantaneous calls and small text messages. The introduction and widespread use of the personal computer made information indefinitely more accessible, change how we learn and communicate as a society. The evolution of the iPhone throughout the 2000's has impacted the world in ways previously unimaginable. Artificial intelligence may be what is next for our society to adopt. Many do not realize is how close we are do actually having to confront the issue head on; experts say that as early as 2030 we could begin to experience the integration of artificial intelligence into our everyday lives (Future of Life Institute). Artificial intelligence, however, brings more than some new ways of communication or academic pursuits, like other technologies we have seen before; artificial intelligence has the power to change how our entire species acts as another, possibly more supreme, sentient species enters our world. The very nature of artificial intelligence is controversial- will artificial intelligence take over our society? Who will regulate their species? What decides what artificial intelligence are and are not allowed to do? These, and a multitude of other questions, stem from one main idea: do we award artificial intelligence civil rights? This is a question that plagues technology experts and
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