The Importance Of Arts Education

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The arts education have always had a secondary place in Kindergarten to 12th grade learning, but children need to learn about the arts. All students should have the opportunity to experience a well-rounded education. An education that pushes beyond the normal subjects of mathematics, writing, reading, sciences and include the arts as an essential element. Arts education has been shown to improve student performance. Certain forms of artistic practice have been linked to improvement of cognitive capacities thought to be important for academics, for example, research suggests that music training can improve spatiotemporal reasoning, and this may help with certain forms of mathematics learning (Rinne, Gregory, Yarmolinskaya, and Hardiman (2011). Music training can change brain circuitry and can improve general cognition in at least some circumstances. While diligence training in one cognitive area can transfer to improvements in other cognitive skills. Therefore, the arts can play a critical role in improving schools and educational outcomes for all students.
There’s no doubt that arts are fun for children. The arts allow children to express themselves better than science, English or math. If children have been given the chance to practice thinking creatively, it will come naturally to them now and definitely in their future career. As the problems facing society in the world today grow more complicated, it will become critical to find innovative and creative
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