The Importance Of Arts Education In Public High Schools

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The Importance Arts Education in Public High Schools Studies performed by the U.S Department of Education indicate that fifty-seven percent of the Public High schools studied held specified arts requirements for students receiving a diploma between 2009-10. However, among the fifty-seven percent, seventy percent of the Public High schools studied require only one arts credit for graduation (U.S. Dept. Education 11). Education and learning in schools are based upon subjects aimed to achieve success and excel performance on standardized tests. Before research was conducted on the benefits of art education, art was not deemed as a crucial course. Math, English, Science, and
Engineering courses take up most high school requirements for graduation. But after researchers reviewing studies meant to introduce art and its impact on students, art education has become a recent topic for discussion. However, while progress by the Board of Education is being made to incorporate art into the public high school curriculum, educational studies show the progress to be minimal. Therefore, it is the responsibility of not only Public-school officials, but State officials to integrate art education in every state with equal importance to other courses like math and science. Continually, with research following art in schools, art education has shown significant benefits to child development and cognition throughout primary and secondary school. Therefore, the
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