The Importance Of Athletes In Sports

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9 Seeds have 20-1 odds to win the world series (or a 0.05%) but there's still a chance.
June, 30th, 2017 Cedar Rapids Iowa 8:30am Matchup, ADM Tigers v.s Altoona Nighthawks. I’m starting on the mound my couch asks me,
“Give me 3 scoreless innings.” my coach
“I'll give you more,” my couch smiles and gives me a pat on the back.
“Go get’em.” was his response and hands me the game ball.
After 3 innings we are up 3-1. Going into the 4th inning we bring in a new pitcher, and by the 6th and final inning the score is 6-5. 1-0 to start the tournament.
Game 2 Riverside Renegades. Got out to a slow start already down 5-1 after 2nd innings, by the 5th inning we are still down 13-3 . Leading off the 6th inning, we have the top of our order up our
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Next batter hits well placed pitch to right field over the fence, score 8-7. Next batter we faced was 0-3 with three groundouts to our pitcher. 2-2 is the count next pitch ground out to our pitcher we win 8-7 and we move onto championship day.

Day 3 June 2nd, 2017 8:30am Matchup ADM Tigers (9) vs Muscatine Cardinals (2) I get the ball which means i'm starting on the mound after the end of the 3rd inning my coach pulls me, the score 3-1 us. By the 6th inning the game is all tied up 7-7 so we go into extras. We start off the inning scoring 2 runs to make it 9-7. We take the field and right off the bat the score a run 9-8 but with two back to back strikeouts we need one more out. I hear a crack off of the bat the ball lines straight to our second baseman for the third out, Game over we move on to the championship game. We find out we are going to playing the Nighthawks (the same team we beat the first day,) We came out of the gates swinging we were up 4-0 by the end of the first inning but things only got better from there only letting up 3 runs in the next 2 innings and scoring 7 more ourselves making the score 11-3 by the end of the 3rd. Heading into the 5th the nerves started to set in knowing we are up 16-9 and only 3 outs left till we are state champions. The next three out went by quick only allowing 2 on base that inning as we go back up to bat we make the score
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