The Importance Of Attending A Private School

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As a class in general, we were annually pulled out of our educational environment and into to a wilderness-like campus (no electronics) where we would continue to grow closer together through prayer. We went as far to stay the night, within, our days were elongated and we never seemed to sleep well in our cabins due to unfamiliarity. As young adults, we continuously complained throughout the experience, but deep down we were just too stubborn to admit how truly rewarding the retreats became. Today, I am grateful for the opportunity to attend a private school as such because it tremendously influenced my mindset on faith and human dignity in general, I only regret not being more involved. These days, I somehow managed to catch up, perhaps through isolation. Within school, I initially attended community college because I couldn’t afford a university and was not sure what to study. Now I go to community college because of it’s affordability, convenience, and I live at home to save money. I continue to remain alone, but have formed into a workaholic. Unfortunately, being a full time student with two jobs has its fluctuating levels of stress and requires well thought out schedules, at least two weeks in advance. Additionally, being alone has it’s downsides but being too busy counteracts loneliness in general. As does faith and having a relationship with God, so times of loneliness don’t tend to be long-term. My lack of friends led me to avoid all peer influence throughout my
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