The Importance Of Attending An Aa Meeting

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Attending an AA meeting was a very different experience for myself, I had herd of these meetings through family but had never gone so it was a little scary for me to attend. I was not sure on what to really expect when going or what I would get of out attending the meeting, but I was ready. The meeting was over all very interesting and eye opening on how alcoholism occurs differently for every person. I felt like this meeting was just an overview of what alcoholism really is, what it can do to you, and how it affects everyone around you. I learned a lot from attending this meeting and realized what it takes for someone to attend an AA meeting and to come to peace with their problem. I was very nervous about attending an AA meeting alone, I had never been to one and I surely didn’t not want to go alone. I remembered a close cousin of mind attended AA meetings frequently, so I asked her if she wouldn’t mind going to one with me. I attended the Beginners and Slippers meeting at the Western Club. My first thought on this meeting was that there were going to be a lot of people that are just beginning their journey to recovery. It was very intimidating to attend the AA meeting simply because I felt out of place, like I shouldn’t be there. Once we had arrived to the meeting, everyone seemed so friendly and just like ordinary people. Everyone greeted one another and seemed so nice. There were individuals there from higher class to lower class and they looked perfectly find to me,
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