The Importance Of Attending Lectures During Your University Career

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Many university students who entering their first year of studies, are not used to the large lecture style classes with hundreds of students attending. It is a different environment from high school, where the classes are much smaller and the instructors know their students which in term allows form a more engaging teaching space. While in the first year of university many students have to learn new listening and note taking skills. Though developing these new abilities may be frustrating at times, these skills are necessary for enhancing future learning abilities.
One of the key concepts discussed in this paper is the very important skill of listening. There are many potential obstacles with learning to listen well; some have to do with the listener and some with the lecturer. The fact that you are able to hear does not necessarily mean you are able to actively listen. Listening is a thinking activity and just like writing it can be improved with practice. The purpose of attending lectures during your university career is to understand and record this understanding for future use. Focusing on what you are thinking, analyzing and questioning what is being instructed by the lecturer and furthermore, learning the presenter’s style of teaching can assist you to actively listen.
There is a wide range of presentation styles that professors may practice during their lectures. Familiarizing yourself with each professor’s unique style of teaching is very beneficial. This will…
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