The Importance Of Autism In Education

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Autism is a bunch of complex disorder in the brain development. Autism usually occurs between two and three years old. The word Autism comes from the Greek word “autos”, which means self. In the U.S., 1 out of 68 children have autism. This disorder affects so many people in the U.S. Also, this disorder makes it hard for them to communicate with them, and it is also difficult to speak sometimes. Says the definition of autism. In an article, History of Autism it states that “someone by the name of Eugen Bleuler was the first person to start using Autism as a diagnosis, in 1911”. Some people in the early 1900’s people connected autism and schizophrenia, which are not the same. Another article I read, What is Autism?, says that “boys are 4.5% more likely to get Autism than girls”. Autism doesn’t have one certain cause, like it isn’t just one type of autism. Autism can’t be cured yet. In my family we have just discovered that my seven year old cousin has autism. He is also partly deaf, so it makes it difficult…show more content…
Some students don’t get taught how to understand that these kids need extra time understanding things. Some things that would help in the classroom is if the students got taught on what autism is. If every school was taught about it, they could have a better understanding what to do with it. In an article, Autism in the Classroom, it says, “Being involved in your child’s school can also help the teachers get to know you”. When getting to know the teachers you can tell them simple instructions on how to phrase instructions to your child. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is making sure that the teachers are informed about your child's needs, and what they need to do to help him/her. Also, the teachers need to inform you, and the student of any changes, so they can help them transition. If they don’t get accommodated they might get confused or frustrated with the
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