The Importance Of Bad Report Cards

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How Should Parents Handle Bad Report Cards?

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The secret in education lies in respecting the student.” The parents play a big part in the student's ability to learn. If the parent is too hard on the student it might cause a lot of stress, and cause the students ability to work well to decrease. Which will make them more likely to come home with a bad report card. Yes, as a parent you want your kids to do well in school but putting too much pressure on them to do well may affect not only how they work, but how they see themselves.
Parents should focus on the good things their child does in school. If you receive a bad report card form you child your first thought is, “Why are you doing so bad?” You have to keep in mind that receiving a report card is scary for your child; especially if they know they are doing bad. Instead of focusing all your attention on the bad grade/grades focus more on the positive side of things. Give your child credit for trying. If your child continuously gets bad grades get him the help that he/she needs. Some students aren't as fast or as smart as others; they just need a little push to help them get on track.

Remind your child that nobody is perfect. There was probably a time where you have failed at something, not just as a student but as a parents to. Not all parents do the right things but they try. Just like students, we don't all do the right things but we try and that's what counts. There are some students
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