The Importance Of Balanced Lunches In Schools

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In 2004, Mrs. Obama implemented a plan to help students with balanced meals at school. Mrs. Obama’s plan for healthy included how it helped with stronger academics, promoting healthy eating in communities and eliminating obesity. Even though Mrs. Obama no longer resides at the White House, it is still important for students to heave balanced meals. Just like in 2004 the people still have the need to eat healthy for stronger academics, promoting healthier eating in communities, and hopefully find the end to obesity. Although most schools have already implemented balanced lunch meals at school, it is important to keep the meals in Canada and the United States because the meals help to keep the students proportional.
Proportional meals in Canada and the United States help students to promote strong academics in the student’s life. K. Muller, one author of Effects on lunch on children’s short-term cognitive functioning: a randomized crossover study, wrote in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a balanced lunch meal has an effect on tonic alertness, whereas it does not have an effect on short-term cognitive functioning (Muller 185). Schools making lunches more balanced shows students the importance of eating healthy. Balanced lunches also puts students on the path to a long healthy life. Even though academics is where students use a majority of their time, students like to also socialize with friends in and outside of school. Elizabeth Waters, from Health
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