The Importance Of Beat Literature And Culture

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B00714952 Beat Literature and Culture ENG317 ‘The penchant for innovation and experimentation, so apparent from lifestyle to literacy form, was born of a desire to reinvigorate and indeed revolutionize American culture.’ How accurate is this assessment of Beat literature and culture? The beats became a popular literary movement in the 1950s and 1960s when writers who shared a distaste of American virtues of progress and power began experimenting with their writing styles trying to revolutionize American culture. The Beat movement appeared in three major locations, San Francisco’s North Beach, Los Angeles’ Venice West and New York City’s Greenwich Village. Jack Kerouac one of the most documented about Beat writers is credited with defining the term ‘Beat Generation.’ In an interview Kerouac described the word beatific as down and out, ‘characters of a special spirituality who didn’t gang up but were solitary Bartlebles staring out the dead wall windows of our civilisation.’ Beat writers expressed their opposition from conventional society through their works by using themes like drugs and sex and at a time after World War II people wanted normalcy however at the time materialism and conformist careers were at the forefront. As well as this at that time college students began to question the actions of the American society which the beats took advantage of. Beat poets also wanted to liberate poetry from these conformists and bring it back to what it was supposed to be; which
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