The Importance Of Beauty In Society

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Beauty is an image desired by all which leads to a constant trend of individuals wanting to improve their appearance for others to envy. As the youth especially strives for beauty they forget themselves and become someone they are not, losing their true beauty. The idea of beauty is constantly changing within every society, making those who want beauty potentially at risk of self harm or hatred. Celebrities have challenged the term over decades, leaving our average day civilians questioning what beauty truly is. To most, it means being lean, having luscious hair and having a perfect complexion, however Cynara Geissler would say otherwise. True beauty comes from within as it should be based upon personality and actions not appearance. To become comfortable with one's own beauty they must accept themselves first to enhance their wonderful qualities. Beauty should mean comfortable, if this was the word's true meaning teenagers in North America would be much happier in their communities, schools and most importantly bodies.
The youth in our society are challenged the most by what beauty is. Beauty has become a term dreaded by most as they do not feel as though the fit the description of the term. A friend of mine constantly tells me he feels insecure, and hates his body because he doesn't look like others. As I have tried to reassure him I couldn't help but notice people act as if fat is a disturbing word (Geissler 330). He looks towards others and seeks the features they
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