The Importance Of Becoming A Chiropractor

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Becoming a Chiropractor means becoming a health professional, with this comes a variety of elements that make up our professional identity. To me, as a chiropractic student, my professional identity is one of the most important elements to building a successful career. A Chiropractor’s success depends on client references and building a rapport with them, being professional is very important. As stated by Mootz, Coulter and Schultz, “professionals are groups in society that profess to know something and possess skills the rest of society does not”1(pg. 202), this is true for Chiropractors because of the intense schooling we will have gone through. As stated by Mootz, Coulter and Schultz, “the two most relevant elements when looking to a health care professional are knowledge/skill and trust.”1(pg. 202) Being knowledgeable creates our professional identity and allows our clients to trust that what we are telling them is scientifically backed up and true. Trust is built by putting our client’s needs before ours and with this certain powers and privileges are granted by calling Chiropractic a profession.1(pg. 203) Manning described professional privileges as the professional bodies responsibility for training and education, providing services, setting its own standards of performance and self-regulation, meanwhile assuring skill and professional behaviour.2 In other words, professional privileges help to regulate a profession by adopting a set of codes of ethics including
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