The Importance Of Becoming A Great Communicator

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Ellen DeGeneres is a stand-up comedian, talk show host and an actress. The hardship and experiences she went through helped her pave a road in life and succeed to this point in her career. Always in the spotlight of entertainment, the experiences as a celebrity incorporated in the development of her communication skills. As a great communicator, you have to have traits like having eye contact with the people you talk to, having hand movements, have reasons for the advice given to another, speaking clearly, and connecting and understanding others. Throughout the Commencement Speech in Tulane University, Ellen showed all these qualities of becoming a great communicator. From the beginning to end of the Commencement Speech, Ellen did not take her eyes off the audience. All throughout the speech, she would look from right to left making sure everyone is attentive. Although she was behind the podium, she would switch her views from right side to left side and sometimes look behind her to the ones sitting on stage behind her. Through the speech, she would use hand movements to emphasis what she says or would move her hand toward the person she refers. As a communicator, you have to use your body language to help your audience pay attention and not lose focus while listening. Ellen was able to keep everyone attentive throughout the 9-minute speech with her body language. Aside from keeping the audience’s attention through body movements and eye contact, Ellen is also able to
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