The Importance Of Becoming A Teacher

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It was not until my last year of high school when I finally decided on becoming a elementary school teacher. I had taken one of those “What should you choose as your career?” tests going into junior year and number one on the list was Teacher. Although it was a more professional than something like a personality quiz on Buzzfeed, I still treated it like one. The thought of becoming a teacher was vile to me based on all my knowledge of stereotypes that I had heard growing up, such as bad pay and hating their job. My mom and everyone around me wanted me to be a doctor or lawyer. They wanted a well-respected job for me and not a “glorified babysitter”. Then one day I was taking a college tour of Dixie State University and they had a school with a playground on campus. It was part of the school they had on campus that children would come to so that the future teachers can get on-campus experience. In that moment I thought back to elementary school to my favorite teacher from kindergarten, Ms. Lee, and remembered how much I loved elementary school. How everything amazed me because I was just an empty head (well, not entirely) waiting to be filled with the knowledge of the world.
Elementary schools, especially the younger grades, can be the first more professional setting that children are put in. This is where they begin to learn the rules and different ways to act in society and what to carry throughout their school careers. It's a first stepping stone in life away from their
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