The Importance Of Becoming An Immigrant

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I never apprehended how fortunate I was until my life changed on December twelfth two thousand thirteen. I was only a freshman still trying to adjust to new people and a new school. I would have never thought I had to become a responsible adult much earlier in life. It all began with one phone call from my mother saying she just been struck by a car.

Feelings of desperation and worry flourished my body as I watched my mother with tubes in her mouth getting rushed to the operating room. “Is mommy going to make it out alive?”. “Will I become an orphan?”. These are the exact thoughts that were running through my mind. In life one minute you could be decorating your Christmas tree and the other you're sitting in an uncomfortable chair of the
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I could've been a child of the state and no longer a child of Ivelisse Ramos. God disguisedly blessed me with this incident teaching me concepts no other fifteen year old would know. I learned the responsibility of becoming the dependable person in my household. Through this I cleaned our wash and learned how to cook for my family. In addition to not having a Christmas I learned the value of family. I wasn’t able to receive materialistic gifts but the gift of my mother being alive is far more appreciative. I learned how to work under pressure by maintaining my grades in school while also doing so much at home. This adversity in my life showed me that God is alive and helps everyday in disguises. I wanted others to see his powerful helpfulness in difficult areas just as I did. Which is why I became the founder and president of the Prayer Group at my school. Through this group I try to strengthen my peers relationship with God and spread positivity. By forming this prayer group I learned how to take a negative incident and make a positive outcome from it. I continue to think this way with all of my life obstacles. Such as being a person knowing how it was to only have a can of soup for dinner encouraged me to join the hunger walk
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