The Importance Of Becoming Born Again, The Power Of Prayer, And The Church Of God

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In my previous blog post I have spoken about the importance of becoming born again, the power of the Holy Spirit and spiritual consciousness. Now, this leads me to my next topic, a close and continuous relationship with God (2 Peter 3:18). Having a close and intimate relationship with God allow us to become aware of how greatly we are in need of Him. This topic will be broken down into five parts; Confession, Voice of God, Power of Prayer, and the Church of God, Obedience.

1. Confessing our sins (1 John 1:9): Sin is one of the largest barriers that can hinder our relationship with God, however the good news is that when we confess and forsake our sins the barrier is automatically taken away. This is not to say that confession is only about saying sorry to God, rather it is a "heartfelt, knowing our sins is an offense to A Holy God" (bible verse). David is a perfect example of a man who was not ashamed and humbled himself to ask for forgiveness before God. This is one of the reasons why God calls David, “A man after my own heart” (bible Verse).

2. Listening to the Voice of God (2 Tim 3:16-17):
Does God speak to people or is it something people make up? I want to reassure you that yes, God can speak to everyone. The key to hearing from God is to be attentive and always long to be in He’s presence. The presence of God is in your heart. You have to understand that God is with you all the time. If God is with you then He will speak to you. God can speaks to people in many…

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