The Importance Of Becoming President Of The United States

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I know we use that title a lot around here. It’s a play on words meant to mean speaking about civics, and speaking civilly. Lately it seems a little hard to do. Both are so important. I don’t know about you, but I am getting a little tired of seeing polls and man (woman) on the street interviews about basic civics and U.S. history that the person questioned totally screws up. Basic questions—like how many branches of government are there? What are the requirements to become President of the United States? What does the Bill of Rights guarantee U.S. citizens?

Boy, that lack of knowledge is coming back to bite us now, isn’t it? I guess people are TRYING to become more educated, but then there comes into play the whole “fake news” debacle . Incidentally, fake news is not a new phenomenon. It goes back as far as the election of Thomas Jefferson—you know the one where the supporters of Thomas Jefferson accused Adams of being a hermaphrodite? They said he had "neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman." Ouch! That smarts.
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Since when did we become so UN-civilized that we scream and yell at each other over differing views? It has become a game of whoever screams loudest wins. Why? Who wins, really? No one, that’s who. While the screaming cat’s away, the mice will play. If the cat doesn’t know his Bill of Rights from his 25th Amendment (look it up...PLEASE!) then we are in deep trouble.

All I’m saying, in an effort to be non partisan, is to be more educated on basic civics, and more civil when discussing with your neighbor who might now see things exactly your way. Discontent divides us, and aren’t we as Americans better than
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