The Importance Of Being A Caring Guide Essay

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Palms trembling, seated down with her hands on top of her chest bidding to cease her heart palpitations, I became cognizant of her hyper vigilance. Stuttering, with caution and reluctance she confesses, "I have Anxiety." In efforts to relieve her from her stress, as a peer counselor, I instruct her to concentrate on her breathing exercises and try to openly discuss what is on her mind. I refrain from providing her with simple solutions. Her physically debilitating symptoms were deeply rooted from her lived experience with mental health. My hand clenched onto hers until her symptoms gradually eased. She thanked me for providing her a safe space for her to confide in me, and said, “You saved me.” In this moment, and other shared experiences such as this one, I realized that being a caring guide in behavior health care would become a passion that I would one day strive to put into professional practice. I am confident that I have the experience, knowledge and passion to be an ideal Doctoral candidate in Psychology at Adler University.
Double majoring in Sociology and Psychology, and minoring in Applied Psychology has been foundational in the cultivation of my passion for mental health and social justice. What intrigues me most in Psychology is the intention to understand the experiences of the individual and how that contributes to one’s behavior. Studying Sociology has granted me the opportunity to have a deeper examination of current structural inequities in relation to Race
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