The Importance Of Being A Community Engagement Intern

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For the fall semester, I have the privilege of being a community engagement intern for the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia. My supervisor, Lateefah Williams—is the community engagement specialist whose main goal is to create a liaison with the Attorney General and the constituents of Washington D.C. As an intern, my main role is assisting Ms. Williams on programs that educate the constituents on issues that affect the community, administrative tasks, and the implementation of future events within the district. I started my internship towards the end of September for the sole purposes of comprehending the advocacy, awareness, and diligence that goes into building ties within the community.
A) Diversification- Being in an environment with intelligent, talented, experienced, and diverse professionals has allowed me to understand the beauracatric work that goes behind the Office of the Attorney General. There are numerous divisions within the department, such as the Office of Consumer Protection, Public Safety Division, Family Service Division, Public Interest Division, Civil Litigation Division, Commercial Division, Office of the Solicitor General, Child Support Services Division, Personnel, Labor, and Employment Division, Legal Counsel Division, and Support Services Division. Depending on the department, tasks could vary from giving legal advice to families to aiding children in abusive or neglected homes. These various departments
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