The Importance Of Being A Competent Social Worker

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Social work is a recognised profession with its own code of ethics and professional standards. It is a complex profession, and social workers have to have a sound knowledge base combined with the skills to carry out their tasks effectively and professionally. The process of developing professional capacity, capabilities and expertise, is an essential, crucial and ongoing part of the social work profession. The College of Social Work created the Professional capability framework (PCF) for the purpose of education and professional development. The nine domains signify various aspects of being a competent social worker. The PCF sets out the stages and the level of knowledge required for social workers as they progress from students to more…show more content…
Previous experience of criticism and rejection has an impact on the way of thinking and service users feel that the current involvement of the worker will be similar to the past. Ability to recognise this kind of conversion of feelings enables the worker to explore the view of the service user and utilise interpersonal skills to ensure that current communication and relationship is not affected by them. The PCF (BASW: no date) ‘knowledge’ domain requires social workers to have the knowledge and understandings of the theories and models of social work practice, drawing upon my knowledge of theories and different approaches, I decided to employ the task centred practice. I concentrated on the most important and particular problems prioritised and identified the tasks to resolve the problems and issues (Adams et al: 2009). Trevithick (2012) also suggests that when a service user is surrounded by many problems it could be particularly useful to involve the person in dividing the problems and prioritising into small, controllable and manageable listing. The immediate risk was the breach of the tenancy agreement, I liaised with the housing association and negotiated the postponement of issuing the notice to Mr M. The housing officer appeared to be very judgmental, and indirectly implied that I was wasting my time with Mr M. I realised that he was known by his alcoholism

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