The Importance Of Being A Doll 's House

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The Importance of being a Doll. “She 's only a bird in a gilded cage. A beautiful sight to see. You may think she is happy and free from care she’s not, though she seems to be”. (Lamb) The Importance of Being Earnest and A Dolls House have been subjects of controversy since their creation. How the plays characterize the parodies of society as a gilded cage are directly related to the writers and how they were treated in their real lives. From the standpoint of the importance of being earnest the main characters, male and female, cope with their understanding of society’s view of marriage and the implied roles they must play. While the play A Doll’s House has a different thought on the roles of men and woman Oscar’s Wilde and Henrik Ibsen plays are similar in many ways, especially on how society prevents the characters from being able to live the life they want. How the playwrights were treated by society directly effects the way they represented society in their plays. First, The Importance of Being Earnest was written by Oscar Wilde who had a clandestine life that many people would have never deduced. On the outside Oscar’s life was perfect, beautiful wife, healthy kids, and a job that he really loved. On the other hand Oscar’s life was a gilded cage because he preferred the company of men and if this had been discovered Oscar knew his career would be over. (Beckson) At the time society did not accept and would even mistreat people for having homosexual thoughts. Having
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