The Importance Of Being A European American

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How do you identify yourself? I identify myself as being a European American. Moreover, I take pride in my (predominantly) Irish, British, and German heritage. Thanks to, I have been able to trace the clear majority of my family back to native European countries. Also, I have fun attempting to learn my native ancestral languages (impartially German,) dinning on European cuisines, and staying up-to-date on the latest European fashions. Like most Europeans, I too identify myself as being Christian. Unlike most Europeans however, I take my Christian faith quite seriously. I try my best to attend church every Sunday, to demonstrate the love of Christ, and to align my life with that of the Bible/Christ. Correspondingly, I identify myself as a member of polite society. I try my greatest to be a proper gentleman. Frequently, I will grace people with kindness, demonstrate generosity, and only speak in a well-mannered tone of respectable language. For these undisputable reasons, I consider myself to be European American, a Christian, and a member of polite society.

One of the many identities I classify with, is my European heritage. I have always loved reading about medieval, reformation, enlightened, and Victorian Europe. My favorite subject throughout my childhood schooling was always history. Congruently, I enjoy having the knowledge that my ancestral family lived through major European historical events; the Irish Potato Famine, the coronation of Queen
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