The Importance Of Being A Flight Nurse

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The career I will be researching will be a CFRN. CFRN means certified flight registered nurse. I chose this career topic because when I was diagnosed I always looked up to the fight nurse the saved my life. Ever since then, I have been interested in becoming a flight nurse because I want to save people’s lives like mine was saved. I also was interested in becoming a flight nurse was because it’s something new every day. By researching this topic, I hope that I will learn all the little but important details about being a flight nurse. I also hope by researching this topic, I can decide if this is what I really want to or if this isn’t something I want to do.

Career Information

The working conditions depends on the type of medical care needed. But in general, these nurses spend a great amount of their time inside the aircraft dong medical care for the situation. When they aren’t in the aircraft doing medical procedures, they are on the ground preparing for future flights. They also might do heavy lifting when moving or transporting the patients. There are two kinds of shifts. The first one is 9 am to 9am, which is 24 hours. The second shift is 9am to 9pm, which is 12 hours. When the employers start in the morning they do a daily briefing with the pilot.Which consist of looking at the weather, looking for any risk factors, pilot makes sure everyone had at least 8 to twelve hours of sleep, check for any safety concerns. Once they are…
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