The Importance Of Being A Flight Nurse

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The career I will be researching will be a CFRN. CFRN means certified flight registered nurse. I chose this career topic because when I was diagnosed I always looked up to the fight nurse the saved my life. Ever since then, I have been interested in becoming a flight nurse because I want to save people’s lives like mine was saved. I also was interested in becoming a flight nurse was because it’s something new every day. By researching this topic, I hope that I will learn all the little but important details about being a flight nurse. I also hope by researching this topic, I can decide if this is what I really want to or if this isn’t something I want to do.

Career Information

The working conditions
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When doing patient transports(which is transporting critical patients from one hospital to another) the flight nurse has to walk into the hospital with a lot of respect and an positive attitude. A flight nurse can not go into the hospital with an attitude because than they will be answering to their boss and also they hospital agency they were at. Flight nurses also have to treat every patient with dignity and respect. Flight nurses average salaries ranges from $23.71 to $40.18 per hour. The market outlook is expected to rise due to many more people getting ill. In this career, you are either the pilot, the nurse or the medic.

A. Specific Employer

The Specific employer I did for this interview was lifeflight in bluffton, Ohio. The company isn’t very big but it has a huge responsibility. There are three people that are on a team at once, The pilot, the nurse and the medic. Life flight was founded August 1, 1976 as the second helicopter air medical program in the United State. The founder was Dr. James H. "Red" Duke, Jr, who is now medical director for Life Flight and has been since its inception. To this day, Life Flight has flown more than 120,000 patient missions. They have machines such as the aircraft (helicopter), ambulances and boats. Inside the aircraft they have, Pre-hospital blood product administration (PRBC/FFP), Portable blood warmers, Ultrasound diagnostics, Double load capacity,
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