The Importance Of Being A Nurse Leader

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Introduction Being a nurse leader is as challenging as being any other leader in any profession, considering situations and unique issues that are happening in the health care system. “The Institute of Medicine report The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health identified the need for strong and capable leadership if the vision for transforming health care is to ever be realized” (Mazzoccoli & Wolf, 2016,p.1). As stated by the report, it suggests that the nursing profession should bring out leaders who are fully equipped to take on leadership positions across the board. This should be nursing practice, politics, policy and in organizations. In this paper, it`s challenging me as a nurse and as a leader in health care to state my strengths and weakness concerning my accountability personally and professionally, my career plans, disciplines concerning personal journey and the reflective practice concerning my behavior/tenet. Also I will look how the how my leadership skills can help in advocating for change in my work environment and also my personal leadership goal and how it will be implemented.
Professional and Personal Accountability Accountability is the willingness of being responsible for one`s actions. As a nurse, I am responsible for first just showing up to work. If I don`t, then it will be so irresponsible for not taking care of those patients I was supposed to and just making it hard for management to find someone…
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