The Importance Of Being A Perfect Human Being

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This passage speaks to me because it talks about the importance of feeling like you belong instead of feeling like you need to be a perfect human being. Today, our society is so focused on being the most powerful country in the world that we are not focusing on forming communities where everyone feels like they belong. The idea of being “perfect” is being introduced to children starting when they first enter school and it continues past their school years. This means that American schools are telling students that they need to be skilled in each and every subject that is being taught in the school system. This puts pressure on students and teaches them that they need to compete with their peers in order to prove that they are the “best” in the school. It also puts pressure on the teachers to teach students everything they need to know in order to get the highest score on the standardized tests that are being administrated throughout the country. While teachers should focus on being the best teachers that they can be, they are also forced to focus more on teaching the subject areas that are going to be on the test than on forming a community within the school and the classroom. Every person in the world wants to feel like they are part of community and that they are accepted into that community because of whom they are as an individual person not based on whether or not they were at the top of their class. The reason I chose this passage is because throughout all of my
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