The Importance Of Being A Self Directed By Jeff Cobb

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There are many aspects to being a self-directed, intrinsically motivated, and active learner. From our reading assignments it has become plain that the most important aspect is taking initiative. This means being someone who doesn 't have to be told to learn this or that, but will take the first steps down the road of learning. Taking the initiative to learn is core to every other aspect, whether we talk about the 15 Ways of the Successful Self-Directed Learner by Jeff Cobb, or come up with our own definitions and reflections on being an active learner. Instead of going through the list from our reading assignments, I 'm going to wing this a bit, and touch upon the more important aspects which I consider essential to being an active learner. Apart from being someone who takes initiative with learning, the next most important aspect would be someone who is independent, as a truly successful active learner is someone who can ask the questions and find the answers on their own. I think being curious is equally important, since from this curiosity will spring the desire to learn, as the curious person asks questions and finds answers to challenges and problems. As Jeff Cobb says it, “The proverbial bottom line: the successful self-directed learner simply likes to learn.” (Cobb, 2013) All of these things discuss the qualities of the successful active learner, but there are other aspects that are equally important, since without the right behaviors a person will never take the
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