The Importance Of Being A Special Agent

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the United States main federal law enforcement agency. It is operated under the United States Department of Justice and is a member of the United States National Intelligence Community. The National Bureau of Criminal Identification was founded 1896 in order to identify criminals across the nation. This organization was combined with numerous other agencies and changed names multiple times. In 1935 this organization was given its final name, The Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI employs some 33,000 people which around 13,000 are Special Agents. (FBI) In this paper I will be discussing different aspects of being a Special Agent. The first important part about becoming a FBI Special Agent is ensuring you meet the hiring criteria. To apply, the applicant must meet several different minimum requirements. The applicant must be between 23-37 years old, have a valid United States drivers license, be physically able to preform the required duties, and have a bachelors degree. Not only must applicants meet these requirements, but they also may not have any of the disqualifying factors. These include: having a felony conviction, being in default of a student loan, illegal drug use including marijuana use within the past 3 years, and never registering for Selective Services. If someone meets all this criteria they can then start the application process. You then submit an application to your local FBI field office. After this application
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