The Importance Of Being A Team For A Sporting Team Essay

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Put me in Coach..
As children we are taught to include everyone because it is not nice to leave people out. If this is a practice we are taught from a very early age, why is it okay to change that just to win a sporting event? There is an understanding that when you are in middle/high school, there will be tryouts for a sporting team. The children who are good enough, make the team, those who are not, get cut. With the understanding that some players skill level is higher than others, the playing time may not be the same. With that being said, if you are good enough to make the team, then why would you not be good enough to play for your team at least once every game? We all know the benefits of being on a team, learning to cooperate, working together to achieve a goal, helps improve for communication skills and allows youth to exercise. But what if you make this team and don’t ever get to play, are you still seeing these benefits to being on a team? If you tryout and make a school team, then all players should be allowed to play in and participate in every game.
The debate is ongoing point of contention for parents and coaches. Playing time a thing to love or cause much heartache. Coaches tend to take a point of view that they are 1. They are there to win games 2. life is not fair and how will your athlete learn to deal with these negative emotions in the real world? Parents take the point of view that, this isn’t a professional event, they all made the team why can
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