The Importance Of Being A Working Student

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Being a Working Student Being exposed to the “adult” world has changed my life drastically, recently having to take up a “part time” job to help pay for my college expenses has been extremely difficult. Finding ways to balance being a full time student, as well as a “part time” retail worker has been extremely hard, having to make sacrifices, financial dissensions, and trying to maintain a social life, as well as making time for my family. Since first starting my job at JCPenney back in august I have noticed my whole life has revolved around my job more than school may have. I have noticed the leaders that work in retail seem to find some kind of joy from the employees they can over work, this is what I have noticed I have become a victim to, an over worked retail employee. And there is my reasoning behind the quotation marks around the word “part time”. Many of my co-workers are also around the same age as I am, also attending either a local high school, Fresno City, or Fresno state. Having to work long hours during the week, staying late after closing hours to fix up the store, just to have costumers come back the next day and mess up all our hard work. Managers making us feel horrible and telling us “your letting your team down” As stated by my morning stock manger, Tiffany, just because we can not stay past our scheduled time due to the assignment we have do the next day. There has been many times where I could not stay longer like the rest of my coworkers due to a
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